Friday, May 3, 2013

My Vote's for Becca Miller

Rebecca Miller (better known as Becca Miller and to some Bex Miller/Sexy Bexy) is a girl to be reckoned with.  If you didn’t already know, she’s a great Ultimate player and she managed to get where she’s at right now in four short years.  Yeah, she’s a naturally athletic girl but that’s not to say she strolled her way to where she’s at now.  Countless hours of throwing and extra workouts with her life partner Peschy has made them a dynamic duo that you won’t forget about. 

I actually went to high school with Becca but we weren’t friends then (sad panda.)  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t know about her.  I knew she was a XC superstar, and that she was shy and quiet.  Actually, the captain of the mixed Ultimate Frisbee high school team that I played on wanted to recruit Becca to play with us but that never panned out.  Oh, how things would’ve been different if that had happened.

Through the years of being on Woman Scorned, Becca has non-stop been a girl full of surprises.  We all thought that quiet and innocent Becca would be a great offensive add-on to our team with her speed and quickly acquired field sense, but she was more than that.  I specifically remember at our indoor scrimmage Becca’s Freshmen year of how she got a D on her girl going deep and in my mind her saying NOT IN MY HOUSE (she didn’t though, she barely spoke 5 words her Freshmen year.)  And ever since then, she’s been a D-ing machine.  She’s an all-around player on the field, both willing to play full-speed offense and tenacious defense.  Whether she’s behind the disc as a handler or cutting for the disc as a cutter, she can do it all and boy can she do them well.

One quality of Becca that makes her stand out once you get to know her is her willingness to always learn something new.  In Ultimate, you can meet some cocky people who think their always right and it’s either ‘their way or the highway.’  Becca is the opposite of that.  Even though she has four years of college experience under her belt along with two years of elite mixed club experience and even as the current co-captain of Woman Scorned, she’ll never say no to having a chance to learn something new from anybody.  And that’s what makes her a great teammate and leader.  She’s always there to listen and give her two cents when necessary and she inspires her teammates to become better players by becoming better people.

I know I don’t personally know all the Callahan nominees as well as Becca and there may be some that are cuter and nicer and can even eat more brownies than Becca (doubt it to all of the above), but that’s why I’m writing this blog.  She's been a great teammate, an always-there-friend and a fun co-captain and I'm honored that I have gotten the chance to play alongside her, live with her, work with her and just be friends with her.  You may not know Becca as intimately as I have, but I hope you will someday because although she’s the kindest person off the field, on the field she’s a scorned woman you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

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