Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharing the Love of Ultimate

Woman Scorned hosted a youth ultimate frisbee clinic on Thursday, helping teach young teens in the Ames community about the game of ultimate and how to play. Teamed with a local program called VERB, Scorned helped to introduce the basics of the game to these future players. Despite the rain and humidity, about ten kids came out to join us and everyone had a ton of fun.

Emphasizing the basics like Spirit of the Game, how many players are on the field, how to score, pivot feet, catching the disc, and basic throwing allowed the participants to pick up the game quickly. In less than 30 minutes everyone there was successfully throwing both backhand and forehand throws.

After the skills portion of the clinic, everyone was split up into teams including a couple Woman Scorned girls on each. The game was intense with more D's than drops, and it even ended on a universe point win.

The future of ultimate looks bright if these new players are any indication of the potential for the sport. After getting scored on, D'd, and out-pulled by these young ultimate players, Scorned is seriously going to have to step up our game if we want to keep our spots on the team in up coming years!

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