Saturday, August 20, 2011

A History Through Generations of Perspective

As the school year starts up and Woman Scorned comes back together as a whole for the first time since our amazing week in Boulder last spring, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the path this team has traveled to get where we are. I was playing a barefoot pickup game on campus the other day with some freshmen, and despite my attempts to fit in, I was unable to holster a few hucks and inevitably the truth of my ultimate experience was revealed and so all that was left to do was try to recruit these freshmen to the side of competitive ultimate. That look of disbelief appeared on their faces when I said I had just returned from Seattle playing in a tournament with teams from Japan and Australia. Even when I say it out loud right now, it's hard to believe that it's true and how variable the levels of competition are in this sport.

The real truth is that most players and teams start just like this. Woman Scorned started from a few girls whose only experience was playing with the guys at their college. When I started ultimate, I had only played one time at a church camp when I was 10. Many of the girls who play for our team now and the ones we will add to our team this year will be the same; no previous experience. It amazes me how you can start completely naive and rise high quickly with the right attitude and determination. The ultimate community has so many amazing people who are more than willing to offer help along the journey, and together this vast frisbee family is growing and expanding as a whole.

Through a series of blog posts written by several generations of Woman Scorned ladies, I would like to share some insight into our team's past, present, and future. These posts share lessons that we have learned and passed down to future teams, so we can continue improving every year from the experiences we have encountered as a program. I hope you all enjoy these!

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