Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cami Nelson For Callahan 2015

Over 35,000 miles the road, 250 plus practices, 44 tournaments, 5 years and 1 team. That doesn’t even include the countless hours of extra workouts and just hanging out. I have been blessed to spend this much time with Cami Nelson. She is a great friend and role model. She is always there for us whether she’s bringing us food late at night while working on a long project or just watching a silly TV show with us when we need a friend. Looking back to our freshman year, she immediately stuck out as a leader and a friend. Whether it was helping her teammates to understand drills, or organizing social events with her fellow rookies to get to know her class better, Cami was on top of it. Her extremely inviting and including personality definitely helped me stick around and I’m sure I can speak for others as well.
As the years went on she played a larger role on the team. Today, Cami is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Her intensity and plays are always inspiring. When you need to get fired up at a tournament, watch Cami play for just one point and your head will be back in the game. With her incredible bids, sick high release backhands, unbelievably intense defense and ability to get open on anyone, she is unstoppable. Her knowledge of the game is invaluable and play a large role in our team’s success.
As impressive as her play is, what is even more impressive is that she is visibly always trying to improve herself and her teammates. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her play from expanding her arsenal of throws to learning how to break different types of defense. On the sidelines she is always there to help the last back on defense or the poppers to find holes in the cup. Giving her all at every practice, always doing extra workouts and asking questions to better understand plays and drills, she is a natural leader by example.
Cami’s spirit and love of the game does not go unnoticed by anyone. Her positive attitude is contagious and made Women Scorned the team that everyone wants to play. Teammates and opponents are constantly impressed by her positive spirit especially when situations weren’t ideal. Playing in the Midwest, conditions are never predictable: one day it’s sunny with no wind the next it is raining with 25 mph winds and 32 degrees. Cami is the first to remind us of what we can control and to be in control of that. Win or lose, rain or shine, her attitude never failed to impress me.

These past 5 years Cami Nelson has brought everything she could to Iowa State and I have no doubt she will continue to do whatever she possibly can to help the team continue to succeed. There are not enough words to describe her spirit, fire, kindness, intensity and leadership she has instilled on the ladies of Women Scorned and I am very thankful to have had such a great role model in my life. Although Cami’s career for Iowa State’s Women Scorned is over, her legacy will forever live on in the hearts she has touched.

Thank you Cami for everything.
Sam Sauerbrei

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