Thursday, September 10, 2015

For the Ladies and Gents...

This fall woman scorned will have the pleasure of attending Elephantitis on September 19-20 in Grinnell, IA and Missouri Loves Company on Nov 7-8 in Columbia, MO!!

The 4th annual Ames to Please (ATP) will be on October 24-25 in Ames, IA. We are looking forward to hosting this tournament! A couple of our attendees have seen the beloved championship fields over the last couple of years and we are pleased to welcome all of the competitive, spirited teams to Ames. It also our alumni weekend and we are excited to be sharing it with them c: #WSAlumni<3

The teams signed up to attend ATP so far are:
Drake- Ibex
Grinnell College- Sticky Tongue Frogs
Ibex/Truman Alumni
Iowa- Saucy Nancy
Iowa State Alumni
Kansas State- Cheshire Ultimate
Kansas University- Bettys
Nebraska- Cuddle Raptors
Northern Iowa- Monium
Saint Louis University- Anarchy
Truman State- TSUnami Ultimate
Washington University- WUWU

If you are interested to join the action at ATP email for more information.

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