Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday, From Hickory Park to Daisy!

Although it was not her actual day of birth, we celebrated Daisy's birthday tonight at good 'ol Hickory Park! It was a splendid time, and we not only got the pleasure of eating a meal together, but we had two new recruits! YEY! Daisy is a whopping 20 years old (which of course means she has another year until we will allow her to consume any alcohol), which is very exciting. I remember when I turned 20...well kinda-it was a crazy time! I thought, since this is Daisy's day, I would let you all know a little more about her.

Daisy fights Jiear to claim "Happiest Woman to be Scorned." She makes up awesome cheers at nationals to random R&B songs with my name in them, and is going to be the most awesome little kids teacher some day! She describes herself as "My name is Daisy and I'm the bomb, you mess with me... I'll tell your mom. I like to sing camp songs and play games." As you can see, she's a keeper.

Dinner was great. Love split cheese balls with me and we all got to hear recaps of CLX at nationals. Rediculous stories we retold, spring break plans were discussed, and plan to head north for a weekend was created. Near the end, several waitresses came over and sang the happy birthday song to Daisy and several of us enjoyed ice cream!

I had to dip out a lil early to work on a team project before hitting up the gym. (Prepare yourself for a crazy story here)

I walked out of HP and saw a couple people kind of standing around looking frantic with someone lying on the ground. Another person yelled get help as one of them ran by. I jogged over to see if I could help and I saw an elderly lady lying on the cement bleeding pretty heavily from her head. The people around her didn't really know what to do, so I used a clean hankerchief and applied pressure to the large gash in her head, while propping her on her back with her head slightly above her heart to slow bleeding. In minutes the ambulance came, but the bleeding had mostly stopped. They kinda took over and I walked away. Moral of this story: knowing simple triage for wild animals CAN apply to humans. Crazy, Crazy people were just standing there letting her bleed from the head because they didn't wanna touch her blood. Anyways, send one up for the old lady who tripped at HP-hope she's doin alright!



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