Monday, November 9, 2009

Midwest Warm Up

With a fury of excitement, Scorned left Ames at a record breaking 5:00 PM-ish. The unbeatable combination of crashing at the Minner house hold and playing some sweet ultimate in beautiful weather made the early departure possible.

Saturday, Round 1:

Waking up to the soft buzz of activity, we knew the day was going to be great. Wait...that isn't quite how it happened.

Waking up to Magon's annoying phone
making music to get us all up, we knew the day would be pretty good. After some delicious breakfast, fighting over the bathrooms, and frantic searching for directions, the day was on!
First game of the day was against the wonderful ladies from Harding. Scorned came out strong and looked mighty fine throwing beautiful hucks despite the gusty wind. Harding played a great game that was enjoyable for both teams, and it was a wonderful way to start the tournament.

Final Score: 13-1 Woman Scorned

Round 2:

In round two, Scorned was matched agains North Park. The sun was warming up, the wind was picking up, and Scorned was heating up! L-Dawg (Lauren Theile) made the excuative decision to dedicate her life to cutting; and cutting she did! Handles switched out between Jazz, Hoistad, Gap, Magon, and Jiear, while cutters ensured the high point differential win. North Park played an enthusiastic game making the round even more fun.

Final Score: 13-1 Woman Scorned

Round 3:

With a little bit of Nationals revenge in our hearts, we matched up against SLU. With the first point, Scorned came out to play. J-Rick cut fiercely to advance the up wind points, while Stine jumped over opponents to catch swilly throws down wind. Daisy had an amazing snag in the endzone to throw another point on the board. With spirits as high as Jiear's voice yelling on the side lines, Scorned got the revenge they were craving. SLU played a great game, giving WS the toughest competition of the day.

Final Score: 13-3 Woman Scorned

Round 4:

In our last round of the day, we were matched up again Nationals '09 team, Illinois. Knowing IL would be looking to score at any weakness of our own, we fought hard to keep the game a shut out. With ridiculously high grabs from Chelle and J-Rick the game advanced without scores from IL. Solid performances throughout the team allowed the score to advance to 12-0.
With high hopes of a shut out, Stine requires the handlers to end on a hammer... IL scores on an inside out break to the force side, 12-1. IL pulls, WS handlers work it down field 30 yards. Swing to Hoistad. Stine runs deep. Disc goes up. Stine sees nothing but the sun with her arms out stretched. Caught-hammer thrown 40+ yards to land perfectly in Stine's out stretched arms. ...Redemption.

Final Score: 13-1 Woman Scorned

After group
showers with the Bettys in the WU rec center, food was ENJOYED at Chipotle. Shortly afterward, bad decisions were made, and our fearless leader led us to near death at Church's Chicken-BAD DECISION!

Shortly following, a strong 4 of us rallied to several St. Louis bar scenes to enjoy the night with some much missed TSU ladies. While hearing about Jazz's bad decisions, telling a few of my own, and waiting for Wirkus and Julie to spill, I learned that Morgan has successfully made it through life without making a bad decision. ENVY! As Robyn stood us up, Fran watched Little Giants, Jazz & Stine passed out on the car ride home, and Megh and I had bonding moments as I cured myself of pink eye.

Sunday Quater Finals:
Waking up, we enjoyed the first round bye (due to our 1st seed-booya) while shoving our mouths with Megh's pancakes and greek yogurt. After applying our W-Witch tattoos to various parts of our bodies, we hit the road.

We arrived at the fields in time to see Saucey cleaning up their first game to advance to quarters for our next game. Coming out strong, Scorned had some pride to reclaim. As Gap got beat in again and again by Patch, Annika and the cutting crew destroyed the Iowa defense. With Jiear "the D machine" Vang causing turns left and right, Scorned pushed the game and let the fury of revenge (from Elephantitis) flow. Despite the sick puts from Greenwood and the Saucy-style unstopable strike cuts and fast breaks, WS was able to come out victorious. Semis were ahead with the one-and-only, SOL.

Final Score: 14-4 Woman Scorned


As Eau Claire approached the field, the song was quickly changed to "Party in the USA," and everyone knew it was time to get our game faces on. Dancing it out, Scorned formed a huddle to watch Magon Lui's amazing Koooool-aid face. Game on.

Eau Claire came out with the strength of many UV rays to score the first two points of the game-> sick grab by Martha (who decided to stop faking injury and school us). While Stine and Gap talked a lot of trash from the side lines and field, Scorned had to fight hard to regain control of the game. Stine, still feeling the previous night's liquid courage, went up against Robyn for several sky-high discs. Trash talk ended quickly. After some rethinking and hard work by scorned, the tables turned.

The zone offense was able to break the through the SOl-zone (ozone reference?...needs some work) with the brilliant popping of L-dawg, Stine, Jessy, Jiear, Annihka, and Daisy, while Chelle, Becca, and Brit posed a serious threat in the endzone. As the game advanced, some Taylor Swift was played and "You Belong With Me" saved the day, lifting the spirits of all within sound range! As Gap, Lauren, and Hoistad pretened they were Taylor Swift, Becca D'd some discs and the rest of the team watched in envy. With both team neck n' neck, Scorned pulls out their big guns and pulls a couple more points out. With hard cap on, Scorned pulls to Eau Claire. Like a huge ball of fire, SOL burns down field to take the last point. Although Scorned takes the game, we felt the heat of SOL and know we have not see the last of them.

Game ends, but Robyn's banter is still heard from the sideline picknic table, and SOL tempts WS with Hooter's chicken wings...yum!

Final Score: 9-8 Woman Scorned


As we claimed Semis (and lock in our Chipotle burrito prize) we hurried to the sideline to watch Bella take semis on universe point against S
LU Alum. With spirits high, we prepared to fight for the championship. Although the Bella ladies were looking fine, Scorned came out lookin' finer. As Bella worked their magic, Magical Liu combated their spells with flawless (please do not reference twitter here) throws to start the game off 3-0, WS. Bella called a time out (and shot up on roids or Redbulls). After time out, Bella picked it up. With sick puts by Georgia and remarkable grabs by Bitterman and Francis, Bella came back on WS with a strong force. Jazz had sick puts, unbeatable endzone D's and untouchable grabs to pull her team back together. As Gibbs flexed her muscles at us from the sidelines, Scorned gained more strength to fight for each point. Jazz cramped on the field, but was saved by Robyn's banana rescue. Unfortunately, Stine met the same demise but the banana had already been spent on Jazz-Stine down. As the weekend takes its toll, Wisconsin proves better fit, and takes the victory home. Burnt and tired, Scorned takes defeat with promise to return with the fury of a woman scorned, come spring. Another great game against Bella with hope for some Mid-winter fun.

Final Score: 7-15 Bella

Although SOL weaned out with some redic story of a gas station, Beth's car, and some spandex admirers, I think we will still take that rain check and show you how parties are won. January it is. With so many Central Region teams looking stellar at Warm Up, I can't help but get butterflies thinking about Regionals 2010. I also wonder where Carleton is and how they will bring it in the spring. As we jet from St. Louis, lots of laughs were generated from all cars alike. I learned so much about Annihka that makes me love her more. Not to mention the fact that she peed on the road outside the porn shop off of I-80. What a great weekend!

-Lindsey "Dragon" Gapstur


  1. Gap, we SOL girls thank you for letting us keep tabs on you crazy folks. See you in January :)

  2. I think Morgan's lack of bad decisions stems from her lack of imbibing fermented brews.