Sunday, November 15, 2009

Right Hand Red, Left Foot Blue. Scorned is number one, and I'm Robyn's speed dial #2

Every team has their specialty. Some are good on defense, some are good at lookin' good. Scorned specializes in havin' a good time-on and off the field (course we look really good while we're doing it, too)!

A team building party occurred this Saturday, which involved some good 'ol fashion fun, several apple products, a bunch of candy, and plenty of whip cream! The night began with a simple game of categories. We were able to hear everyone's favorite Ultimate stories and Lauren's first DISC story! Due to Stine's "No Swearing" rule, we learned how dirty our mouths are (especially L-Dawg, who might actually have a moderate case of Turrets).

About 40 cards in and on box #2, we decided that it was time for the Disc game! Although no one knew what exactly was in store for this game, I am going to believe that everyone was at least half as psyched for this as I was.

Rookies up first! Here are the rules:
-Each has their own disc
-fill the disc with one of each-Oreo, Gummy bear, Gummy worm, Skittle, Hot Tammaly, and a mint
-each piece of candy stands for a dare/task that they must complete
-Cover the candy in the disc with a huge mound of whip cream!
-get on your knees, dig your face in, and you have until the stall count of 10 to pull out two candies of your choice
-BTW, the small the candy, the less intense the dare, but the harder to find!

Alright, so Rooks first. Becca and Lady Pesch. Although a little reluctant, they were great sports and dug right in! See for yourself:

I think my favorite part of this video is L-Dawg yelling "Oh no! She got the Oreo!" haha The Oreo transferred over to drinking a disc of liquid. In this case, apple cider and water- yummy! I can see that it looks a lot like beer, but it really was apple cider mixed with water, lol.
After a few more dares for the candy they pulled out, it was time for our Sophomores:

These girls were not as enthusiastic (I think they are starting to catch on to our ridiculous shenanigans) but they enjoyed shoving their faces in, none-the-less.

Some highlights of their dares include eating a spoon of butter, my personal fav: chugging apple sauce from a tube-which Mag showed Britt up in, pretty hard core, and a couple embarrassing stories.
Time for the Juniors.

We were gettin' a little low on whip cream, so I we had to substitute some apple sauce and peach yogurt in Dre's disc. All was good though, because Dre had her mind set on making the two laps of pride around the house-she even wore a robe to the party!
Amongst the many other sides of Dre we saw, we learned that her trust in Gibbs is wavering. haha Apparently the rookies are more trust worthy with your clothes than good 'ol Gibbler. I think I'd trust Gibbs over Pesch though. Especially after the things we had Pesch do this weekend :)

Stine and Hoistad were both put up to some decently awkward truths in a little bit of truth or dare, but eventually ended up downing some shots of apple juice. Don't worry though, they used protection!

Oh ya, and L-Dawg joined in just because shes such a big fan...of the apple juice.

Time for the seniors (aka "group BA"). Buuuuuuttttt, we ran out of whip cream, whoops! So it was time for Twister! Now Chelle is so tall that she just kind of hovers over everyone. Plus Brit has some redic dance move flexibility, so I didn't put a lot of faith in my twister skills, but I thought I'd give it a try and at least show up L-Dawg. With Fowler's witty banter and cheating spin moves, I ended up bein the first to fall, but I was smart about it and took out Becca with me (I also strongly suspect that Brit went down, but I haven't been able to prove this yet).

After the Twister workout, it was movie time. We all drooled over Gerard Butler as we watched the movie "The Ugly Truth." It was a good way to end the night, as both Lauren and I passed out while lying in the middle of the floor.

I woke up enough to stumble down the stairs to bed-in vain. Not even 20 minutes into the blissful sleep, I was awoken by a ridiculous phone call in which I learned the following interesting facts:

-Eau Claire wants to make a super team with Scorned
-Eau Claire has promised to make Scorned breakfast made from stolen goods if we come to visit
-I am speed dial #2 on Robyn's phone (in replacement of her mother)
-Robyn agrees with me on the fact that I am a better trumpet player than Jazz (bahahahah, love you J)
-Brit (from Eau Claire, not State) will never refer to Scorned as "Iowa" again

Overall, it was a great team building night, and I'm lookin' forward to the next one!




  1. you guys are crazy. i just dont understnad why you did not include as many details about your shenanigans while you were on the phone with us, hilarious. for "this being as creavite as you get" (quoted from you) it is much better than average.

  2. probably didn't go into detail because you were yelling into the phone like 80% of the time, lol. Plus, I didn't want to give away what the blog had

  3. haha that was only bc you were not on speaker so i didnt know if you were listening or not.... ha ha. fair enough.