Sunday, January 10, 2010

Animal turns 21 and Taco Bell makes a killing

Although this is a little belated, a birthday blog is much instore. Our own little Christine "Animal" Rosen joined the adult world with her 21st birthday!

The night began with a buffet of Taco Bell eating. Love, Mikey, Jazz, and Joe made the arctic adventure up to the Twin Cities to help ensure Stine a good time. When they arrived, the party was well on its way and so they started eating Taco Bell. The chalupas were divine.

The night was kicked off with card game action and a dance party. Then after getting full of tacos, we move to go get more tacos downtown. As Stine was getting free tacos from several new male friends, Jazz came out of the bathroom and proceeded to walk up to Stine and this new friend and stated "hey, its twofers!!" Stine and Jazz proceed to get more free tacos. In addition, this taco joint had dancing. There was NO way of getting Stine off the dance floor... Joe would get her to the table and she would say "yup I will be right back" and once again she would find her way back to the dance floor.

The amount of tacos that were consumed created an interesting situation when a very disgruntled waitress refused to serve Jazz tacos. Stine pushed the full-o-tacos Jazz out of the way, signed for her, tipped the waitress ten bucks to zip it, and all in all took care of the situation. Then Jazz proceeded to be escorted out of the joint to sleep in a slumber the rest of the night, but before this she decided to paint the snow with projectile rainbow paint. She met a new friend who helped her through the food coma from consuming so many Taco Bell tacos. Pretty sure she had one of everything on the menu.

Stine and Jazz were definitely THE PARTY...but while they were off consuming free tacos, JB and mike ate fries and protected our booth. Although Jazz found her own way home, the rest of the gang got back a while later due to the fact that they could not get Stine off the dance floor. After safely making it back...finally...some randos show up at the house (later finding out that Stine invited them) everyone played catch phrase and devoured deliciously nasty white castles. The night went on with more taco eating, and the gang eventually turned out around 4:30am. Great night it was.

The next morning wasn't the prettiest, as we all know what happens when you eat too much Taco Bell. Thankfully, everyone survived and Stine's birthday extravaganza was a success. Memories were made and regrets were discussed.

I guess the lesson to get from this is: tacos are dangerous! Be careful when consuming too many.

With apologies,

-Jazz, Stine, Jessy, and little bit of Gap

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