Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cash Money, Half-O-Cup-O-Cookies, and Bosco's Soup

If you play ultimate, explaining the financial toll it takes on your wallet is no news. It is amazing how we travel to all parts of the nation just to chase around a plastic disc, all the time building up our student loans in order to pay for this sick (actually AWESOME) little addiction. This year though, we have been doin some pretty sweet fundraisers to limit that debt.

In the past we have had some really interesting fundraisers-selling pizza cards, selling credit cards, and one of my personal favorites; refereeing intramural ultimate. In the fall we worked football games and sold walking tacos to fans. We also cleaned Hilton a few times after concerts (like the Sugarland concert-which was awesome!!). This month, we had our 3rd Hilton cleaning event of the year. I took the liberty of taking a few pictures so I could blog about it.

Now in the grand scheme of things, these little cleaning events suck pretty bad. It is basically 14-25 ladies trying to clean an entire (15,000 seats) arena after people have just thrown their popcorn, peanuts, soda, and fliers EVERYWHERE! The double decker just makes it even worse because you get done with the top part and realize how much more you really have. These treasured times usually run about 4-5 hours in length and by the time we are ready to leave there is a good chance we are all coated with about a centimeter of nastiness.

One of the best things about sweeping Hilton (besides the big paycheck) is the things you will find. You can get anything from chew bottles, to condom rappers, and even money sometimes. A tip to the wise: don't try to clean up after a concert if you are even the least bit nauseous. The smell of beer overtakes the place and you will be dumping half filled glasses into 5 gallon buckets all night!

I'm not naming names here, but there was even an incident where a few ladies found some half full Cup-O-Cookies and may or may not have indulged.

"If it doesn't kill you, it will only make you stronger."

Sweeping can be a real pain, but all in all, it builds our team bond, work ethic, bank account, back muscles, and disgust tolerance.

On a whole other note:

Several of Scorned women gathered at the Bordello (yeah...I finally gave in to the name) gathered to watch the playoff game last week. Although the night ended in heartbreak and a sore Brett Farve, we had a good time. Bosco made some weird soup for all of us to eat. It was pretty delicious-even the 20 dogs that were in attendance enjoyed it. Jazz even made a new friend, who she named Brownie-real original.


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