Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ultimate is my life, everything else is just for fun.

January 11th: Jasmine’s birthday started out with a lot of sweating, grunting, and heavy breathing which involved much of the WS and the captain of ISU-Jeremy Keiser. Although she wasn’t involved in the action, Tai was standing around watching, giving directions, and adding pointers. After an impressive hour-for the ISUC guys involved, that is- we left Forker Gym and headed home for quick showers before heading out to continue the celebration.

Estas was our first stop. We played pool, laughed at the girls wearing stilettos in January, and made fun of the nerdy guys who bring their own cue sticks to the bar. We also found out that Estas has a new birthday deal: Free tacos on the Tuesday after your bday! We hit that up fosho’ the next night. After hitting a few more places and meeting up with many friends, including the L-Dawgy Doggity, we ended up at the Station; surprise, surprise! Although we weren’t there for long, we did get a chance to say happy birthday to Blake (Jazz’s brotha from another motha) and drink some sort of beverage that was on fire. We headed home fairly early to catch some shut eye before day 2 of our final semester.

Now there are many things about Jasmine that people may not know. Where do I even start? Ok, she really likes to yell incoherently at people, she is a D machine and she can jump like 5 feet in the air to block a huck, she is two pounds of fun in a 2 oz shot glass, and she is smart-she’s an engineer! She also really likes fried chicken, and when we went to Midwest Warm Up, she talked me into going to Church’s Chicken-which was the worst fast food experience of my life!

Jasmine is our intimidation factor on Woman Scorned. People get pretty scared when they see her and the insane layouts D’s she is capable of. It is also a rare occasion to catch her not sporting an ultimate jersey. She can normally be found in some form of Woman Scorned or CLX jersey. There are so many funny stories that I could tell about Jazzy, but unfortunately she would literally kill me if I put them up here, but if you ever are looking for a laugh, just ask her about the port-a-John at nationals, waving to her best friend as she drove by, or maybe even the Gyro stand guy stories.

While all of these Jazzisms are great, my favorite thing about Jazzy-fizzle is her ability to joke around. She is great at taking crap and isn’t shy about shooting it right back at you

. Actually, most of the time I don’t even understand the insults I receive from her, they are so sophisticated …or something. J is one of a kind, and we all know that we are lucky to have her as our leader!


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