Friday, January 22, 2010


Did you know that if you say "beer can" with a Jamaican accent, it sounds like "bacon?" Well if you are friends with Annihka then you would! Annihka Murry (aka Annihka Bluebberrypicker) celebrated her birthday this month on January 10th. She turned 20 years old, and a celebration was held accordingly. In true Woman Scorned style, there was a dance party which included random dance-offs, Cassie Panther shaking her booty, Jazz and Stine doin their dance thang, and of course just a ton of fun! We like to refer to these types of dance parties as "Pants on, Dance on's" (not to be mistaken with the famous "pants off, dance off" which is completely different). The ISUC boys who were in attendance had a great time as well, enjoying the dummy boards that were won at No Wisconsiquences. The party was a grand 'ol time and a great way to prepare us for the first week of classes! Of course, I can't end this blog without telling you some great things about our Annihka. I'm pretty sure she is one of a kind AND every team out there wishes they had her. First of all, if you know Annikha at all, you know that we all think she is Russian. Is she? Isn't she? We don't really know, I think she told me she was not one time, but Gibb's dubbed her Russian at Regionals 2009 and so as far as most of us are concerned-she is! Further proof that she is awesome lies in her mode of transportation. Annikha rides a blue bicycle that is named "Blue Electra." This is her signature style and although she is normally a sweet girl who is not violent, that did change when the Blue Electra was stolen from the Bordello where she lives. This is why you don't mess with Annikha's bike- Annihka's Facebook status on Nov. 30th:

"to whoever took my bike- I hope your eyeballs slowly rot in their sockets while you are still living"

Enough said.

Annikha is one of my favorites (and officially dubbed L-Dawg's favorite Sophomore) because of her great attitude toward everything except the theft of her bicycle. Even on ridiculously long car rides, she is always game for fun. Lauren and I will never for get the game of Never-have-I-ever on the way to some tourney in Wisconsin (Hucktoberfest maybe?). Let's just say we learned some fun facts. On the way home, she had to pee really really bad and so she made us pull over, but the only thing on the exit was an Adult Video store. She chose to pee on side of the road on the exit ramp rather than risking entry to the store.

So Happy Birthday Annikha! I'm so glad you could be apart of my birthday month-your mother was very smart having you in the best month of them all!


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