Friday, May 7, 2010


On the first day of practice last season, WS have like 7 million new recruits. Since I am terrible with names, I decided to call this one blond girl "Banana" because she had a banana on her shirt. Well, long story short, she kept coming back and become one of the Bordello ladies. This is Tasha Obrin!

Tasha has been a stud at ultimate since the beginning. Her natural athletic talent allowed her to be a natural on the field. She has great cuts, a true hunger for the disc, and her disc skills are ever-improving! Although she had to take a bit of a break from WS this year (due to school) she was still an asset to our team. When she wasn't buttering up the other Bordello ladies at home, she was coming to the practices and sprints that she could make, and improving her skills as well as her teammates' skills.

Off the field Banana is great! She is part of the Bordello Bike Gang and owns the Mexican dog, Dulcinea (this dog is literally from Mexico and only understands Spanish). She participates in our extracurricular partying when she gets a chance, and is always a great addition!

We all appreciate all the time and effort that Banana has put into the team, and we are glad she can be a Scorned lady of the disc!

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